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Persecuted Church

persecuted-lg-correctIn an effort to keep the persecuted church in front of our people, the first Sunday of every month we'll feature a nation where the church endures persecution for the sake of Christ.

We encourage you to do one of two things:

  1. Incorporate that specific nation into your prayer time each month.
  2. Use the monthly prayer calendar from Open Doors USA which gives specific prayer requests for specific people groups/nations for a particular day or week.

Here's that link...

This Month: Indonesia

This month we'd like to encourage you to pray for the church in Indonesia.  Here is a quote from Open Doors on the current situation in this country:

While violent persecution affects only a small percentage of Christians in Indonesia, the overall situation for believers has deteriorated in recent years. This is especially true in hot spots like West Java, where radical Islamic groups are powerful, exerting heavy influence on society and politics. These radical groups cause problems for churches that proselytize Muslims and often pressure government officials to ignore applications for construction of church buildings. Meanwhile, converts from Islam usually face persecution from their own families, particularly in the form of isolation and verbal abuse.

For more information on how you can pray for Indonesia, click here.